Red Pesto Cassava Spaghetti
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red pesto cassava spaghetti with basil garnish

Looking to make a quick and easy meal? Look no further! Try our red pesto cassava spaghetti recipe that will be ready in under 30 minutes!

Have you ever had one of those nights after work when you’re simply too exhausted to prepare anything? But, you got to make something to eat anyway. And since you’re hungry and sick of takeout (or just can’t afford it), or even have extra mouths to feed at your table? You’ve almost certainly used store-bought, spaghetti sauce to make a quick pasta dinner. Let’s present you with our red pesto cassava spaghetti. It will be the answer that you’ve been searching for!

For our red pesto cassava spaghetti, we kept it really simple that all you’ll need is 20 minutes from making the sauce from scratch to assembling. You can always feel free to add additional vegetables or protein of your liking to change it up.

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Ingredients You Will Need

red pesto cassava spaghetti ingredients

Red Pesto Sauce: If you checked out our vegan red pesto, it’s extremely easy to make ahead of time and you’ll never want to grab another jarred pasta sauce again!

Spaghetti: We used Jovial Cassava Spaghetti that is grain-, gluten-, and egg-free. Perfect for those with dietary restrictions. It holds up just like regular egg pasta. 

Fresh Basil: For garnish and added freshness in every bite!

Optional: You can make this spaghetti your own by adding your choice of protein or any additional vegetables! We want to take the thinking out of knowing what to make for your next meal! Keep it quick and simple!

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Complete Our Red Pesto Cassava Spaghetti With

How to Make Red Pesto Cassava Spaghetti

Tools used: Blender, Knife, Chopping Board Measuring Cups & Spoons, 2-16 oz. Weck Jars

Servings: 4 Cups, 32 oz. | Course: Sauce
Cuisine: Italian



Sauce: (2 Cups of Red Pesto)

Prep: 5 Minutes | Cook: 15 Minutes

red pesto cassava spaghetti with basil garnish

Time needed: 20 minutes.


  1. Prepare our homemade red pesto sauce. Set it aside 2 cups.

    vegan red pesto ingredients in blender and blended til smooth

  2. Bring a pot of water to a boil with salt added. Add in the cassava spaghetti and follow the cook time in the directions. Ours recommended 12 minutes to be al dente, but we cooked it a little under as we will cook it again with the red pesto. Drain and add back into the pot. (No need to use a separate pan for extra pots to wash.)

    boil and drain cassava spaghetti

  3. Add in the red pesto sauce and stir everything until well coated over medium heat.

    heat up red pesto and add spaghetti

  4. Plate and garnish with basil. Enjoy!

    plate red pesto cassava spaghetti and garnish with basil

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