Natural Sea Sponges and Loofahs
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Sea Sponge

Soft, smooth, and clean skin are not only attractive but vital to helping your body absorb the nutrition it needs. Natural loofahs (Luffa), Sea sponges, and Agave (Ayate) Washcloths help with added circulation to promote healing in your skin by increasing blood flow. Best of all, most natural sponges are easy to clean, care for, and can be used as compost after use. 

Natural Sea Sponges

What is a Sea Sponge?

A Sea Sponge is a simple organism that has no organs. They live attached to rocks at the bottom of the sea bed and are naturally hypoallergenic and toxin-free! (1)

My favorite is the Sea Sponge which is not only sustainably harvested but is 100% backyard compostable! This sponge helps with a daily smooth exfoliation and it is easy to keep clean which helps increase the lifespan of your sponge. Just add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to 1 cup water and let your natural sea sponge soak for up to 15 minutes every week or two. Then rinse and air dry. Baking soda not only cleans your sponge but also increases durability by revitalizing the cellular structure!

Sea Sponge, Loofah and washcloth

What is a Loofah?

A loofah is naturally made from drying a gourd, and not from a dried coral. Mainly imported from Japan, Loofah or Luffa are grown in tropical or subtropical climates. When this plant blooms, it grows a long gourd that might resemble a zucchini. It is harvested and left to dry for up to 5-7 months. Once dried it is soaked in water, peeled, and de-seeded. Once completely cleaned and dry it is shaped and cut into the desired sponge!

Luffa or Loofah is a dried gourd

Our Top Pick of Natural Loofahs and Sea Sponges

Sea Sponge

All natural Sea Sponge Package Free

Used for generations, natural sea sponges are perfect exfoliators and cleansers even for sensitive skin. Sustainably harvested, leaving a 1 inch base when cutting, these sponges can be revitalized by soaking in baking soda water mixture and 100% backyard compostable! $32

Mayan Loofah Scrubber

Plant fiber Loofah all natural

100% plant-based fibers gentle enough to scrub away all your troubles! Clean Planetware sources these from a single family farm in Guatemala who use heirloom Mayan seeds to grow and make these loofahs. 100% unprocessed, compostable, and biodegradable. $3.50

Natural loofah:

Natural loofah scrubber

Scrubby loofah, easy to hold and hang, and 100% backyard compostable. $2.50. Great bath sponges to help exfoliate dead skin and increase circulation.

Bath Sponge

Natural Bath Sponge

Harvested by hand from the Mediterranean this sponge is great for bath time and 100% compostable. Say goodbye to harsh skin and reveal glowy smooth skin.  $23.95.

Earth Therapeutics Body Sponge

Natural Cellulose Sponge Exfoliating and Cleansing

Great for Exfoliating and Cleansing. Promote soft, healthy skin with Earth Therapeutics Natural Cellulose Sponge. Made from natural plant fibers & soft enough for sensitive skin.

Ayate Washcloth

Ayata agave WashCloth

Made from agave. This washcloth stimulates your skin and makes it oh so smooth! Weaves tighten when dry and then expand like magic when wet and in use.

What to use with your sponges?

With all these great products we recommend this all-natural body wash by Plain Products. Organic, vegan, refillable & amazing! You can choose from rosemary, vanilla & mint, or citrus & lavender! 

Note from their website:

“This Natural Body Wash is refillable through Plaine Products. It can be sent back directly by requesting a free shipping label here.”

Plain Products
Agave Palmeri Plant Ayate Washcloth

How to Dispose of your Natural Sponges?

Natural Loofahs and sponges

All-Natural Loofahs and Sponges are 100% backyard compostable. Plastic Sponges are not compostable. Our listed Sponges and Loofahs are not only eco-friendly but biodegradable! The company Package Free has a great website filled with Zero waste essentials and one of our favorites stores to shop at for our Family’s!

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