Hazelnuts 101
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Our Hazelnuts 101 is everything you need to know about hazelnuts. From nutrition, health benefits, and how to use hazelnuts!

Hazelnuts are known as filbert, a type of nut from the Corylus tree. are more commonly known for the nutty flavor in a chocolate spread. Today hazelnuts are cultivated mostly in Turkey followed by Italy, Spain and Oregon, United States. (1) With its sweet flavor that can be eaten raw, roasted, or ground into a paste. You can make your own hazelnut chocolate spread!

Let’s not forget about how hazelnuts contain vitamin B6, folate, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc. These are all beneficial to good health as they are nutrient-dense.

Nutrient Profile

1 Ounce (28 grams) of raw unroasted hazelnuts contains:

  • Fiber: 3.5 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Fat: 9 grams 
  • Carbs: 6 grams

Benefits of Hazelnuts

  • Good source of dietary fiber.
  • Helps prevent constipation.
  • Rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E.
  • Potentially lowers the risk of heart problems.
  • Aids in reducing weight gain.
  • Helps shield the body from cell damage.
  • May reduce inflammation.
  • May improve cardiovascular risk biomarkers.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity.
  • Improves sperm count.

What you can make with Hazelnuts

  • Nut Butter
  • Nut Milk
  • Chocolate Spread 
  • Nut/Granola Bars
  • Cookies
  • Baked Goods
  • Nut Flour/Pulp

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