Burning the Midnight Oil
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Burning the Midnight Oil

Mastering how to shut off our overthinking mind before bedtime.

No matter the season, we always struggle with shutting down our thoughts and winding down for bed. When we first started blogging, we would catch ourselves writing or editing late at night before bedtime, which as you know causes stimulation in the mind at the time we need rest the most. After my partner pointed out this habit it really made me reflect on how I am treating my body and how mindful I am being of my self-health. We figured since blogging is our full-time job, why don’t we share some of our experiences, tips and tricks to finding deeper sleep.

We are all on a journey and by trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle, we realized our health is not just related to the food we eat but, to our overall outlook of how we are treating ourselves. Are we listening to what our body is telling us? Do we notice the signs of stress and choose to ignore it? Self-reflecting on this has really helped us become in tune with our bodies and helped in developing a more relaxing, less disruptive deep sleep.

We want to share with you some helpful tips that have encouraged us to think about our health, slowing down the mind, and stop burning the midnight oil. Through these steps, We will share our personal experiences and opinions for what has helped us find peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed and revitalized.

Winding Down

We all seem to struggle with winding down. Whether we are working from the office or from our home office this can seem like an impossible task to many. We naturally try to fit in as much in one day as possible and overwhelm ourselves to complete this long list. I myself try to finish all my work during the week so I can feel less guilty about having a lazy weekend. What we do not realize unconsciously is that we overwhelm our minds to think and overthink all the problems it needs to solve in front of us. Here are a couple of tips that have helped us take some time and Wind Down!

Tip #1 – Having A Schedule

having a schedule

Keeping a schedule of what you do and when you do it leads to a more organized day. You spend less time worrying about what you forgot and more time is spent on the task at hand. PREVENTING OUR MIND FROM GOING INTO OVERDRIVE.

  • Organizing your day in advance and planning how it will go when waking up.
    • Spending time doing what you love such as yoga, working out, breakfast, smoothies, picking out your outfit, etc.
    • When making your list add it to your calendar and don’t forget to schedule a break
  • Keep in mind to give yourself room to take at least 15 minutes for yourself before you commit to any last-minute plans.
    • We all need to breathe and take a moment to gather our thoughts and plan our next day!

Tip #2 – Feed Your Body The Right Fuel

feed your body the right fuel

Dinner is too often misunderstood as a heavy meal but in actuality, this meal should be easy for the body to digest. Eating a balanced dinner at least 3 hours before shut-eye helps your body easily digest your food. In these 3 hours, you will be moving around the house before bed, finishing chores, or doing some self-care. This will help with preventing an overactive body while sleeping.

Tip #3 – DND (Do Not Disturb)

DND (do not disturb)

Spending time doing something you want to do for your own health such as time with your family, meditating, reading a book, taking a bath, making a face mask, playing a game and so much more. The options are endless. Some stretch to help with your neck or wrist being overly used while on our phones or laptops all day is welcome.

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