Build A Succulent Terrarium
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succulent terrarium

Want to join the plant parenting team?
We’ve got the tips & tricks for learning to build your own succulent terrarium in your home!

Have you taken an interest in becoming a plant parent?

Ever since quarantine, life has been different. We are spending a lot more of our time at home and it may feel confining. Sprucing up your workspace or any space in your home with plants can really uplift your mood. Some of the benefits of having a plant sanctuary are it will freshen the air as you and the plant exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide as well as improving your concentration and productivity. They are not just a visual beauty!

Now you’re thinking, where do I even start? We know it can be scary when there are so many plants out there and you just don’t know where to start. That is why we are here to share our easy DIY of making it your own succulent terrarium!

succulent plants

Why Should I own Succulent Plants?

Here are some of the top reasons you should own succulent plants:

  1. They have a unique adaptation that allows them to tolerate a limited amount of water compared to most houseplants.

     You still have to be careful to not overwater these plants or it can harm and potentially kill them. Best to water every 2 weeks or until you notice that the soil is dried. You will notice when the leaves begin to shrink or the leaves pucker.
  2. They can tolerate dry and indoor conditions.
  3. They are like living sculptures. Especially when you design them in these cute terrariums we are about to do today!
  4. Just makes you a proud plant parent taking care of your babies.
succulent terrariums

Types of Succulents

Succulents come in a variety. So you can definitely play around with your arrangements. Some of my top favorites are:

Sedum Morganianum

Sedum Morganianum

cassula nudicaulis

Crassula Nudicaulis



Aeonium Canariense

Aeonium Canariense

aloe twilight zone

Aloe Twilight Zone

anacampseros rufescens

Anacampseros Rufescens

Why Do We Need Activated Charcoal?

What is Activated charcoal? Activated charcoal is created from carbon-rich material burned at high temperatures. With its unique properties, it traps toxins and chemical molecules because of its negative electrical charge through adsorption. Hence excellent for terrarium plants.
Adding about a ½ inch layer of activated charcoal in between your rocks and soil will help filter the toxins and bacteria from the soil. This will keep the plant air clean for it to breathe but also help deodorizes the terrarium. You will definitely need this if you are doing in a sealed jar or container due to the buildup of the microorganisms that may grow.

activated charcoal

Beach & Gravel Stones

beach stones

Using beach stones or gravel will create a drainage system by removing unnecessary water from your terrarium’s foundation. This is to prevent rotting and root damage.

Sterile Potting Soil

sterile potting soil

Sterile soil is potting soil that has undergone heat and removed any pathogens it may contain. Using sterile soil will help with minimize weed growth and assist with keeping your plant healthy in its growth.

Let’s get started on your first open succulent terrarium.

How To Build A Succulent Terrarium

Tools used: Glue Gun, Long Tweezer (optional), Mini Shovel (optional)

Supplies Needed:

succulent terrarium


  1. In your glass jar, carefully add the beach stone to the bottom. Then, add your activated charcoal on top and after the gravel stones. (remember you are looking to create a layered look)

    layering stones and activated charcoal

  2. Add in the potting mix to lightly cover the first layer.

  3. Now, gently transfer the desired succulents into your terrarium. Arrange them to your liking and then add more soil to surround the spaces between the plants.

    succulent plants

  4. Finally, add-in small gravel or moss for extra texture to decorate the surface. (optional)

    succulent terrarium

  5. Enjoy and place where it makes you the happiest, Don’t forget to set a reminder to water!

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