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We are Made Guilt Free and we have made it our mission to share healthy living through progress, not perfection.

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What is Made Guilt Free (MGF)?

Our process is simple. We started with swapping out ingredients that were inflammatory or could be easily replaced in recipes. Then we dove into how our body was breaking down the nutrition. By making mindful choices we realized the impact it was having on our physical and mental health. We changed the type of foods our body was processing and by doing so increased our energy levels.

We believe food is pleasure, not guilt and there are so many ways to help nourish your body right!

With each week, we reflect on amazing topics and get to share them in our weekly newsletter.

What is Inflammatory food?

Inflammatory food can cause a reaction in your immune system. This can come in the forms of bloat, gas, reactions, breakouts, heavy stools, etc. An inflammatory reaction is due to our body telling us we have consumed something that it is fighting off. The majority of the time this is true for hard-to-digest food, which is too complex for our stomach to break down.

Where can I find out more information on Inflammation response in the body?

We have done a ton of research and have found a great study on Gut Microbiota and Inflammation. Take a look at our “Lifestyle'' section for more articles that have inspired us!

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Our story

We started Made Guilt Free in 2019 with the idea of sharing wholesome homemade recipes, fun crafts, and tips on self-care at-home. We wanted to bring together what we’ve learned throughout our journey and share it with our community of foodies, DIYers, and travelers.

Sia is on a plant-based journey one day at a time, while Stace is a flexitarian focusing on whole ingredients cutting out processed foods. So, we offer diverse ideas from two besties located on the East & West coast, from New York to Washington. We are Made Guilt Free and we own our imperfection and continue to progress.



It becomes impossible to get anything done when all you do is watch what you eat. My personal trainer actually told me to look into the whole30. Not a diet but a lifestyle change that promotes an anti-inflammatory diet for 30 days and then the reintroduction of certain foods to see what was causing the inflammation. While on the Whole30 my mind expanded not only to the possibilities of using ingredients I have never heard of but my energy levels have never been better.

Every day I am on a journey to help build a relationship with my body and strength how I can best support it. There is still so much to learn and dive into, life will always be progress, not perfection. 💪🏽🌵


Before I began my journey I would have an influx of weight gain and weight loss caused by an imbalance in my hormones that affected my health. To support my physical and mental health I started to slowly incorporate healthy eating & habits such as removing overly processed foods and keeping an active lifestyle.

These small changes have helped me feel better inside and out but I am still nowhere near the end of my journey. I still have a lot to discover and learn before I can be the best version of myself. Everyday is progress to evolve ourselves to be better than we were yesterday. You got this! 👍🏻

What will I find in Made Guilt Free?

There’s a lot to share so we hope you'll stick around. We will cover a host of wholesome homemade recipes that we are still perfecting but think they taste pretty darn good right now! We all have busy lives and to help with that we are sharing Sia’s personal favorite meal preps and how-to’s. Not to mention, when Stace is not gaming she is either baking or obsessing on creating something new. Traveling is the next best thing we enjoy to do and that is where we gather most of our inspiration!

You will also find affiliate links to tried and true products we have personally used and couldn't see ourselves complete a project or recipe without. We may receive a commission from the products that are sold on our website and this helps us create more content for our community. Please refer to our affiliate disclosure to learn more about our partners.

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Kitchen Tools Used

Everyone loves tools & gadgets (brings back memories of inspector gadgets) but, let’s be honest, we all suffer from a lack of space. We tend to stay on the minimal side of appliances and probably use our blender the most. A couple of things that helped us get started are a cutting board, knife & a pan that does it all. Take a look at our store and see what else we are using nowadays!

What type of camera do you use?

Surprising to say we don’t use a conventional camera like a Canon or Nikon camera. We both use our Samsung Galaxy S20 5g Ultra Phone for filming and foodtography. When we are editing on our computers, we use adobe premiere pro. Sometimes we even use our phones to edit with Samsung video editor.